Lacy Danes

Jun 9
Tourist Attraction

Tourist Attraction!

A week ago my very good friend, Shelli Stevens’s first book came out.

Shelli Stevens…. A little bit of laughter & a whole lot of spice.

Her first book TOURIST ATTRACTION is available from Cobblestone Press. The book is HOT.

A sexy redhead, Melanie, meets Mr. Right at the wrong time. She thinks she is having a one time vacation fling with a sexy Hawaiian Dr. only discovers there is so much more to their flirtation. The hero of this story is sizzling, YUM, and the sex scenes leave you panting for more between this couple.

Sex on the beach… fruity drinks and a fun plot make this story shine out…. So pick up Tourist Attraction and enjoy this fun, short, sexy read… Besides, who can pass up a good story for the price of a latte?


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