Lacy Danes

Jul 2
Today I am discouraged.

Today I am discouraged. I’m know I shouldn’t be, that I should be excited and happy with the way things are going in my life, because really things are heading in the right direction. BUT…

I am a stubborn, impatient, and determined… an interesting combination in a person and sure to drive some people who know me bonkers. But I am also very friendly, affectionate, loving, loyal, and honest. I put my all into what I do. Most people who know me like me.

Last night I went to the local club’s orientation. This was good. After I went out with some friends then went back to the club for an event they were having. I realized while there, I have very high expectations in what I am looking for in a play partner. I won’t play with just anyone. I am very picky. This is good except for the fact that I am impatient, stubborn, and determined. LOL. I feel it truly could take years for me to find someone who sparks an interest in me strong enough to play with within the local scene. AND I WANT TO PLAY NOW. LOL

Sigh. Oh well, I should be happy that I realize what I want and I’m perusing it. Eventually I will find a man that rocks my world enough to kneel before. Until then I guess I will have to rely on mechanics. Cry. 🙁


One comment to “Today I am discouraged.”

  1. Meeee
      · July 2nd, 2006 at 9:59 pm · Link

    So real, So true, and So honest

    It is so very hard when reality meets fantasy at 100 miles per hour. Your eyes are open, you’re listening and you are smart. Now feel, when that very special person arrives, you do not want to be so blinded looking, that you get hit on the head and can’t feel it…

    Did I tell ya them shoes were really sexy last night…


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