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Jul 19
The Up and Down Of It….

Today I got stuck in an elevator…
Yea, I and six others got stuck heading out to lunch from a class I attended. We stepped into the elevator, the door closed, we pushed the button, but it didn’t stay lit. We pushed the door open button and NOTHING happened… We pushed the alarm and then the emergency button… then stood there… because NOTHING happened. Amazingly none of us panicked or got overly bitchy seeing we were all starving.

The intercom came on after a bit and a man says… “Can you hear me?”
We all yelled “YES”

He says “Can you hear me?”

We all screamed “YES!”

Then he says “I need to know your names. One at a time”

I’m thinking SHIT this is incase we die. LoL… but then the rational part of my mind says “Don’t panic, it is just to file the incident report.”

We all said our names and then continued to stand there… the air getting hotter and hotter by the minute in the small space. All of us thinking what if the elevator drops… but none of us willing to brooch that subject… We all laugh, then we are quite, then laughing about something else again.

We could hear the elevators going up and down in the shafts next to us… we could hear the ones that opened on the floor we were on. DING the bell would ring… TWELFTH FLOOR…

Finally someone knocked on the door from the outside… “Just hang in there” came a male voice. One of the other woman says…”Can you slide some thin food through the crack. I’m starving.” We all laugh…About five minutes later the door opened and we all stepped out. The man on the other side took our names again and then we all piled into a different elevator and went on our way. Forty minutes we were stuck there…

Strange isn’t it. I kept thinking of the movie You Got Mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, where Tom gets stuck in the elevator and discovers he hates his current live in girlfriend. Except nothing that dramatic happened on my elevator stay. 🙂

On a good note the class I took was excellent…. Communication Styles. I have recently had a few incidents where I was not communicating effectively with different individuals and this class not only told me what my preferred style of communication is, but also how it changes when I’m stressed, and how to deal with people who communicate differently than I do.

Before class started we were instructed to have two people who knew us fill out an assessment sheet on how I communicated with them. Then in the class we filled out the same sheet. A self assessment.

My self assessment placed me as a Bold/Expressive. I was right on the line… 12 points in Bold 11 points in Expressive. So what does that mean you ask?

Well here is what the class says a Bold/Expressive combination is…
Able to show enthusiasm and excitement
Interested in getting others to feel as you do about a challenging task or assignment
Able to reinforce others when you use their ideas and plans
Willing to tell others how you feel about things.
Able to take an objective approach when communicating with others
Able to express your dreams in concrete terms if asked to do so
Willing to listen to others options for your plan of action
Concerned about how you make others feel when you are directing them.

From the assignments that I brought with me … one placed me in BOLD the other in EXPRESSIVE. Kind of interesting… My assessment was the combination of the two… I think I’m more Bold at work… and more Expressive at home if that makes sense.

BOLD’s strengths are:
Gets Results
Takes Charge
Shows initiative
Operates efficiently
Focuses on goals
Acts decisively.

EXPRESSIVE’s strengths are:
Promotes Team work
Generates Excitement
Takes social initiative
Possesses optimism
Is visionary

I ended up sitting at the Bold table for this class and I didn’t really feel like I fit, I kept relating to the Expressives… but I think if I had been sitting at the Expressive’s table I probably would have kept relating to the Bolds… LOL

Anyway, it was a good class and a good day even with the elevator getting stuck.


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  1. Jenanne
      · July 24th, 2006 at 6:22 pm · Link

    There’s an interesting book I have that I haven’t started reading yet, but it relates to this. It’s called “The Color Code,” and it divides our communication styles into four quadrants. Typically we’re a combination of quadrants. The goal of the book is the same as that of your class from the sound of it. So, in your copious spare time (I’m kidding of course!), maybe you’d enjoy the book too.

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