Lacy Danes

Sep 2
Going Deep….

So I have been working hard to listen to my inner self. I have always been one to use my head to wade through my emotions, to make decisions in life, to decide how to act to situations. I have gotten better at listening to my feelings but I think that the type of relationships I have recently gotten into have released some of my inner emotions that I have no time to ponder about. They come tumbling out with force and consume the situation. This is very uncomfortable for me, the woman who has always used her head to decide what is what. I want to have a better understanding of what these emotions are when they come up so I can deal with them with grace and they don’t consume whatever interaction brought them forth.

For me Going Deep into myself involves sitting and doing nothing… lying in bed… sitting on the back porch and just being. I like to be outside or in bed basically. Humm… Never mind… shake head. lol 😉

I know everyone is different so my spots for feeling are different then say my friends. One friend of mine told me about a trick she uses where when a thought pops in instead of a feeling. She visualizes that thought and physically pushes it from her mind saying something along the lines of “Go you damn spot go!” lol

Amazingly this works… and not only when you are going deep. My life has been quite full of stress both the excellent kind and the bad kind lately so when I sit down to write sometimes my amazing day or my shitty one intrudes and stops me from writing. I use this “Out you damn spot” method and it clears my mind so that I can concentrate on the story… the characters and their emotions.

Funny how I can tap into my characters emotions with ease but mine I have more difficulty with.


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