Lacy Danes

Sep 6
The glass is half full…

So today is a new day… I awoke feeling rejuvenated and happy. My kids were tucked up next to me in my big bed, it was 6 am and I had broken sleep, but
I had and epiphany while laying there with them as they poked at each other over who would be the one to put their head on my belly as mom still tried to get a few more winks.

My epiphany… I decided to make new goals for myself… things that I want to do through out this next year. My old goals were for my old life and even though some of them are the same there are new ones.

So goals for the next year….
I will try to everyday do something that pushes my boundaries, that will make me a better person and help me to realize that my fears or things that seem like they will be unpleasant or difficult, I can do.

I will go to Europe and see the places that I write about. London, Bath, the grand country houses of the English country side.

I will complete my writing contracts and get two more!
I will make new friends.
I will socialize with my friends every week.
I will call my brother on a weekly basis.
I will call my grandmother twice a month.
I will write everyday.
I will make the time I have with my kids full of love and fun. They are my first priority.
I will endeavor to be true to myself and follow the path that my heart seeks.
I will listen closely to my friends and family so that I better understand them and their lives and can be a better friend because of it.

Anyway… there they are… my new goals.

Hope you are all well.

One comment to “The glass is half full…”

  1. Lyric
      · September 6th, 2006 at 7:46 pm · Link

    Great goals! You go girl!!!

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