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Oct 1
Sorry it has been so long since I posted.

I have been busy doing everything and nothing at all. As some of you know at the moment I do not have a day job, so I have been spending time adjusting to my new life. Concentrating on me and my kids, trying to write but failing miserably.

I have three months to make my next deadline, then six months after that to write and entire book! I shouldn’t be panicking quite yet. But…

I wonder if I will make it past this block. At this moment I just have no desire to write. I have forced myself to sit and write and the story comes so that can’t be considered a traditional writers block. The block is getting my ass in the chair. 🙁

No that isn’t it either. It is opening the damn doc and writing.

I find myself sitting down and analyzing my feelings about how I want to move forward when I start looking for a day job… About my kids… About where I will look to buy a house when I move from this rented home. I find myself day dreaming about living life now that I have free time to do so.

Another issue….I Love and Hate IM.

It is addictive. I was told once in a class I took on communication that a study in Japan showed that hitting the send button on TM or IM released a small amount of (I think it was) adrenaline. Because of that people get a high and feel good from doing it. I know I am hooked. I think that when I get my new computer I will not install Yahoo IM for a bit and see how hard it is not to IM my friends.

Anyway hope you are all well.

One comment to “Sorry it has been so long since I posted.”

  1. Kristen Painter
      · October 2nd, 2006 at 8:54 pm · Link

    I have those issues too. It’s not the writing, it’s the sitting in the chair.

    Get tough with yourself. Do it.

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