Lacy Danes

Nov 12
My first review!

I received my first review of WHAT SHE CRAVES. I’m so thrilled with it. I was extremely nervous about getting my first book reviewed. I’m glad the reviewer liked it. Phew… Wipe Forehead.

WHAT SHE CRAVES reviewed by Just Erotic Romance Reviews (JERR) — Reviewer: Ginny Kon):

Lusts Vow
“From beginning to end, graphic sexual tension and acts fill the pages. While the romance is a subtle, underlying theme, erotica (and light BDSM) is on the forefront. It’s not exactly a bad thing when it is written very well – and makes the reader definitely needs something battery operated handy nearby!”

“…the writer successfully develops their character that is uncommon in short stories. While the sex is graphic and descriptive, Rupert and Cora’s secret desires makes them more real, which results in a lovely read. This one, with its inventive human chess game, is not to be missed!”

Night of the Taking
“Reading Night of the Taking is like working through a trifle dessert – it has lots of yummy layers!”

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