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Dec 13
Books, Books, and More Books.

I have been reading a bit lately… Mostly true historical erotica with a few romances mixed in. I stared reading the book THE ROMANCE OF LUST (someone very special gave this book to me) and I have to admit I LOVE the old true VICTORIAN erotica; it is my favorite form of erotica to read. In the past I have read THE PEARL as well as MY SECRET LIFE. The other book that I just started is STORY OF THE EYE (I think Bjork said this was her favorite book) written in the early part of the 20th century. And the last Erotica book I have in my TBR pile is BLUE THE COLOR OF DESIRE. This one is not historical but has an interesting concept… The man in the story requires the woman to write poetry on her body some place for him to find. He tells her to enter a room where she blindfolds herself and waits for him. YUMM.

On the Romance front I just finished ON THE WAY TO THE WEDDING a great book by one of my favorite authors Julia Quinn. It is the final in her series. SAD. Though, I am looking forward to her next project. I believe she is writing about two dukes.

The other romance that I have to tell you about is by one of my CP’s… Shelli Stevens. It is her latest called SILK HAUNTINGS from Cobblestone Press. This book is amazing… It grabs you and pulls you in. You keep wondering what or who is haunting this house and why. As I started reading this book I was reminded of a little incident that happened to me when Shelli was writing this book…. Wonder if any of you can guess what scene was inspired by something that happened to me. lol

In the Runes: Silk Hauntings
Shelli Stevens

Gavin Mackenzie is a best selling horror author and amateur ghost hunter. His plans to investigate paranormal activity at a local mansion are denied by the sexy new owner; even as she makes it clear she’d welcome him in her bed.

Taylor Ammons is using the mansion for her new business: holding educational sexual retreats for women. She’s not prepared for her attraction to her quiet neighbor, or his determination to convince her that the mansion is haunted.

Then strange things start happening, and Taylor has to bring Gavin in for some exploring that goes beyond the bedroom.

One comment to “Books, Books, and More Books.”

  1. Eva Gale
      · December 13th, 2006 at 6:39 pm · Link

    You know, I had my cursor all ready to put The Pearl in my cart. I’ve been wanting to head down those roads, but haven’t had much time to read at all.

    I’ll have to give in and just get them. 🙂

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