Lacy Danes

Jan 9
A New Year!

So this year is full of promise… Why? You may ask.
I have a new job.
A new place to live.
My book WHAT SHE CRAVES comes out in two months and I have received some FANTASTIC reviews.
The antho I’m in SEXY BEAST III comes out in September of this year too!
I have two happy kids that mean the world to me .
I met a wonderful, special, sexy man who holds my heart in his hands and has no intention of squishing it.
I’m following my dreams.

All excellent, excellent things…

Curious what the stars had in store for me, I did an Astrology search for myself…and I also had a friend do my tarot numerology…
My Astrology search said this year was filled with OUTSTANDING things. That it would be a year like none other, filled with successes on many fronts including my career and love. That February through April is when my stars will align and those months will be filled with once in a lifetime opportunities. (hummm… my book comes out in MARCH!)

My Tarot Numerology said this year is a year filled with learning. I love to learn… even hard lessons are good lessons. They make us better people in the long run.

In my opinion… both are excellent readings.

I am looking forward to the year 2007 and the years beyond because I know who I am now… I learned through out this past year how to listen to myself and be the person I wish to be, not someone that everyone else wishes I was.

I know that even if this next year is not filled with all the good my horoscopes say… I am still in a much better place than I have been in the past so…
The year will indeed be grand!


3 comments to “A New Year!”

  1. Anonymous
      · January 10th, 2007 at 1:04 pm · Link

    I am so proud of you and every time I see you go over an enormous obstacle I feel a bit more pride in myself. Honestly, I would expect nothing less than a full out success by you, everything else would be beneath your abilities and your potential.

    Have a great new year and I hope that you get what you really wish for.

    Think of me sometime too!!

  2. Lauren
      · January 11th, 2007 at 9:12 pm · Link

    Fabulous stuff, dollface.

  3. Jenn on the Island
      · January 22nd, 2007 at 5:52 pm · Link

    Oh, Lacy, that all sounds wonderful!

    Congratulations on everything!

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