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Feb 6
Life As A Single Mom

I was talking to my Mom on the phone this last week…

I said “Mom, I moved, I turned in my novella, and I deployed my project at work shouldn’t I get a break now…shouldn’t things slow down now… but they haven’t.
On top of taking care of the kids
I have three novellas to write by June first for my Bear anthology (which I am sooooo looking forward to writing.)
Work crises: more scheduled weekend deploys, more travel.
Bills to pay.
A new home to clean.
Grocery shopping.
Promo for my first book which comes out in March.
Pre K schools to look at for my son.
Hearing tests for my daughter.
Speech therapy for my daughter.
Car to take in for service.
And all of these tasks are urgent and have to be done or started ASAP.”

My mom laughed and then said “What are you joking? You’re a single mom, who has a day job, a house to upkeep and another fulltime job as an author. This is your life.”

I said “Thanks Mom.” and frowned.

She is right. It is my life. I will be nothing but go go go go…
I guess I will just dream about a hot tub… a foot rub… and hot kinky sex on a beach with the man of my dreams… 🙁 humm can I fit that into the 4-5 hrs of sleep I get most nights?


I guess I better take my vitamins.


3 comments to “Life As A Single Mom”

  1. Eva Gale
      · February 6th, 2007 at 8:27 pm · Link

    I thought you had those written? I LOVED them. LOVED them.

  2. Shelli Stevens
      · February 14th, 2007 at 9:36 pm · Link

    Look at you! You’re blogging somewhat regularly. Yeah, being a single mom is hard. But hey, it’s kind of cool because you get a few days off a week when they’re with dad. I sooo wish I had that.

  3. Laurie
      · February 21st, 2007 at 6:15 am · Link

    WOW! How do you do it all? Best of luck!! Hope your move went smoothly!!

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