Lacy Danes

Apr 7
The Smell Of Sex…

I guess this post really could be about any smell… a smell that reminds you of something personal… a warm fuzzy feeling, an exciting memory, or a something bad.

Before I started writing I really didn’t pay too much attention to how smells affected me… I knew when I liked a smell… when I loved a smell and when something smelled bad.

Now I notice so much more, how a smell jars memories, creates body reactions, and affects my emotions.

the smell of my kids… a sweet sticky smell of chocolate, peaches and strawberries. At times this smell spreads warmth through my heart and makes me grin with contentedness… other times it brings tears to my eyes with longing for them to be with me.

The smell of horses and hay in the summer… a musky, earthy, scent that strikes fond memories of summers riding with my friend Trichia when we were both young.

But the smell of a man you love… of their lust, of your shared passion sticking to your skin, your hands, your hair. It is a clingy, sweet, smell that infuses your clothes after a hug. It lingers with moisture below your nose after a kiss. It wafts about on your pillows and in your sheets long after your lover has gone… it is a smell that can make you smile filled with warmth and let you float on love, or bring back erotic images of the time you have shared. Sigh.

That is a smell I will always, always love and crave.

Hugs and Kisses,

One comment to “The Smell Of Sex…”

  1. Jenanne
      · April 11th, 2007 at 8:18 pm · Link

    The smell of a cigar has sexually imprinted itself on me! When my man and I were first together, he smoked cigars often, so every time we kissed or made love I could taste the cigar he’d smoked that day. When I catch a wiff of that smell now, I immediately react sexually.

    It is so true that scent memories are powerful.

    Hope all is well Lacy!

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