Lacy Danes

Jun 19

This last weekend I attended the Formula 1 Race in INDY. It was my very first race and I would go to another in a heart beat.

Cars that can go really fast are intriguing to me. I drive a manual BMW because of the fact it is fun to drive and it goes FAST.

The Formula 1 cars themselves are a thing of beauty. They are sculpted and sleek… in many ways VERY feminine. The way the low pointed nose sculpts up to the hip of the car, which on most curves in like a waist, then sways out to the large back wings. But that is not all… the cars are engineered with innovation and lots of technology. Every aspect of the car from the slope of the body to the traction control and tires is the way it is hoping to gain that team that fraction of a second faster speed. Every car is configured different.

The sound of a Formula 1 car taking off is LOUD, but there is also no other sound like it. it is a purr of the engine, a hum of the throttle, a flutter of humming bird wings as they shift, amplified to the point you need ear plugs. As they blur past you your seat shakes speeding your heart to rapid patter, excitement racing through your veins.

It was the very first sport I have watched where excitement truly grasped me. I was eager to take in all that surrounded me and to see the out come.

I have watched NASCAR but it does nothing for me. What is the difference? For me it is the CARS.

This trip was by far the best trip I have had. For the most part it was the company… I went with my guy and we did nothing but laugh, smile and touch.
I also had nothing to do with the planning or with what we did while there. I simply followed where he led and had the most amazing time! I love vacations like that. Then of course there were the cars. Grin. (Is there a theme here??? I think I liked the CARS!)

I loved, learned and lusted. Both my guy and the sport. Wink. Three wonderful L’s that I personally can not live without.

It was the perfect trip. Well besides the 103 degree temperature.


PS. Loved the Red Bull team. Their cars have a sleek look to them and Mark Webber takes a corner like he is gliding on skis! Ferrari was my second fav, Massa, followed by BMW Sauber I mainly am interested in the driver that did not race on Sunday Kubica, he is Polish, so am I. I am looking forward to seeing how he drives.

To learn more about the sport check out:

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