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Aug 30
Kiss of The Dragon Excerpt

Okay so here it is the much awaited Excerpt from Kiss…. LoL!

Meet Nora and Chester… Nora can read energies and is human, Chester is sexy weredragon. WARNING>>>> EXPLICIT SEX AHEAD

Chet strode forward to Nora. He stood before her and lightly trailed his finger tips up the soft flesh of her sides. She jumped, her skin and muscles twitching. A smile crossed her lips and her eyes held his. The black center of her eyes engulfed the brown in arousal and the smell of her spicy wet cunt made his mouth water.

Frey appeared behind her and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back and exposing her neck to Chester’s sight. He licked his lips, staring admiringly at the exposed column of her throat. He needed to mark her delicate skin in a pattern any Dragna would be proud of. He would do it with his teeth.

He leaned forward, his tongue licking her spiced skin from collarbone to ear. Her breath deepened and his cock twitched, aching to be touched by her hands, her mouth. He needed her hot skin, he needed her. In every Dragna’s life one mate made them a better partner. Nora was that mate for him. He bit the flesh of her earlobe, breathing out warmed air from his lungs as he did.

Nora squirmed. Dragging his teeth harshly down the warmed skin, she whimpered. The marks would stay… permanently etched on her skin in his blue gold shimmer. Warmed by the fire of his breath they would never leave her body.

A mark saying to all she was his.

His hands pulled her lower body to his, the warm juices of her cunt touched his cock as he rotated his hips against her and he wanted nothing more than to sink into her.

He held himself still. Frey would have that first privilege tonight.

She gasped in delight as Frey’s tongue traced the raised flesh his mark created on her neck, spreading her thighs further and rocking her clit against Chet. The hot folds of her labia coated his skin with her increasing lust. Chet groaned and speared his brother with his gaze. Get a move on, Frey. Frey’s eyes laughed back at him as he nodded his understanding.

Frey’s tongue flicked the pulse, hammering just below her skin, then in the reverse direction marked her with his teeth. Nora cried out in pleasure and pain. The spicy smell of her pussy dripping with arousal filled Chet’s nostrils and his mouth watered wanting to taste her tartness.

Frey released his hold on her hair, and dropped to the floor behind her, spreading her butt cheeks and spearing his tongue into her juicy lips.

Frey would get to do everything first tonight. Bugger it. Not if Chet could help it, he would make her come first. He dropped to his knees and drew a slick line down Nora’s labia, flicking her clit with feathery touches. Nora groaned, her legs shaking by his ears. My Desna, she was so responsive to every caress. He could caress her however he wished and she would be in rapture.

Yes, oh yes. He would make her come and hard. His tongue circled her bud and latched on to the hard flesh, sucking, then swirling her button again.

Frey’s fingers kneaded Nora’s smooth ivory buttocks and thighs, as his tongue danced and along her slit. The heat and moisture of his tongue mingled with Chet’s and Nora’s juices as they elicited cry after pleasurable cry from Nora’s lips.
Each subtle moan and full out delightful scream made Chet’s blood rush faster, blocking all but his oiled tongue lapping and swilling in Nora’s gushing wetness. Her legs shook and jerked. She arched her hips towards him, reaching for the climax that he intended on providing her. Yes, lovely, come for me now. Come for me.

He swooshed his tongue over her clit and rapidly flicked the swollen nub of flesh. Nora screamed, her body thrashing on the restraints. Chet washed her labia with his tongue. Each hard pulse of her cunt, spilling the thick oil of her come on his taste-buds. The tart, spiced taste of her spend, hardened him to standing straight. Perfect. She was perfect.

Hope you enjoyed!

To Read more of this story pick up a copy of SEXY BEAST III and read Kiss of the Dragon.


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