Lacy Danes

Aug 31
What a fabulous weekend.

This weekend was wonderful… On Friday I got news from my agent that I sold a short-short erotic BDSM called THE WOODS to Harlequin for their SPICE Briefs line. Nothing like starting out your weekend with that kind of news.

Saturday I spent the day getting ready for my sons B-day party and having drinks and food with a very dear, special, close friend of mine.

Sunday was my sons B-day party, which if you are interested in reading more about, I posted about that day over at the Aphordisia Authors Blog.

Yesterday I went with another friend down to his family’s ranch for a family picnic. I got to see horses again. God I love the smell of them. There is nothing quite as soft as the short hairs on their muzzles. Grin.

I also arrived home to some wonderful fan mail about my story in the Sexy Beast III anthology. I am delighted people are enjoying my Dragna.

Last night… after I went to sleep we had a one of the rare thunder storms here in Seattle. I grew up on the East coast and Thunder storms happened frequently in the summer time. I miss them. So Last night as the first boom hit I jolted awake. I stayed cozy in my bed and listened to the rain fall. The flashes of lightning lit up my blinds and the booms as they grew closer and closer together shook my home.

It was a strange thing… not the storm itself, but for some reason I felt, truly felt, the power of that storm. I don’t quite understand it, but there was an energy in the air. A powerful energizing sensation that made me feel VERY strong, and whole. Almost like I had pulled some sort of piece of the storm into me. Kind of weird I guess… I was half asleep so maybe I dreamed it… lol. Probably did. Have any of you ever experienced something like that?

So that ended my weekend.
It was a great weekend… All around.

Hugs and Kisses,

2 comments to “What a fabulous weekend.”

  1. Eva Gale
      · September 4th, 2007 at 5:55 pm · Link

    WHOA!! you don’t have thunder and lightening storms out there?

    *crosses Seattle off list*

  2. Lacy Danes
      · September 4th, 2007 at 6:59 pm · Link

    yeah Eva, no thunder and lightening, or maybe once a year.

    I loved the storm last night.

    Was Seattle on your list?


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