Lacy Danes

Sep 7

Filled with friends and people you love, filled with joy and optimism; life is special, valuable in ever aspect.

My life will be what it will be….I am, who I am.

I have my own set of things I value, and I do believe in destiny. I know I have decisions and each one I make, each and every one, spins my life in a direction. I have no clue what that direction is.

It could be good.

It could be bad.

But you know whatever direction it is, that is where I am supposed to be.

A few traits that hold value to me are listed below. They are not necessarily traits I possess, though some are. Some that are, are NOT EASY for me to do… And some I truly WISH I possessed…

Being able to forgive when wronged.
Being able to trust, even when you have been hurt in the past.
Being able to learn from every experience.
Being able to Listen with only your heart.
Being able to make those you love laugh and sigh.
Being able to see the difference between what is right and what is right for you.
Touching people physically, mentally and emotionally.
Forming bonds with loved ones that never break. (They may fray but they still hold in some form)
Being able to see how your actions and emotions affect those around you.
Being able to read people for who they really are not what you wish them to be.
Being able to drop a topic you are passionate about (either good or bad) and never bring it back up again. (God that takes fortitude!)
Being able to roll with changes…and still follow your heart.
Being able to give direction with a firm yet gentle hand.
Being able to laugh at yourself when you make a silly mistake.
Saying when you are wrong and being able to apologize for it.
Trying to be understanding and not judge others by your own beliefs.
Being able to fully honest even when you know it will hurt you and others.
Being able to love someone, beyond your children, without boundaries.
Thinking about someone else and their needs before yourself.
Being able to surprise someone and truly make their day.
Finding the good in every situation and in everyone.
Living Passionately

There are more… lots, but that is an excellent start…

What do you value in yourself or in others?

Hugs and Kisses,

2 comments to “Value”

  1. blinded by delight
      · September 8th, 2007 at 11:50 pm · Link

    I agree. Those are the qualities I find of value as well. basically they revolve around how I see life. HOnesty, respect adn trust.

    The rest is about things which foster the others.

  2. Lacy Danes
      · September 9th, 2007 at 10:44 pm · Link

    Thank you blinded by delight.
    I agree… Honesty, Respect and Trust are very important.

    Love your blog as well… wink. So glad others are now able to benefit from your wonderful self.


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