Lacy Danes

Oct 24
A Tattoo, A Reading, A Fetish Ball!

Tomorrow I leave for San Francisco. I am meeting some of my closest friends for an erotic reading. The weekend is filled with excitement.

I land tomorrow afternoon at just after 3PM. Get my bags and head straight to the tattoo parlor.
Yep you did hear me right. Tomorrow I am getting a tattoo. I am getting this lovely print of flowers you see here placed someplace on my back.

I see this tattoo as a kind of reclaiming of me. This past year has been filled with fountains of emotions ranging from the highest highs to scraping the dredges of life off of hells floor. It has been a year of learning what is important to me. What some of my boundaries are and what I really need to be happy.

I can see the flowers in this image as so many things… two fully open blooms could be my two children… the buds possible other life. They could be the two lives I have lived so far in this life… the life of adolescent/daughter fumbling doing what everyone thought I should to fit in and the wife that did her duty but struggled with her dreams and desires. The unopened buds could be my next step… The life of living truly being who I am and following my dreams.

I suppose I could make them be anything really.
But I think the point is I feel I have struggled and survived through an extremely tough year and this is my mark. My physical mark of beauty that I am me. No one else is like me and I don’t have to be anyone but who I am.

The next day Eden Bradley, Lillian Feisty, Pam Rosenthal and myself are doing a reading and signing of our works at the Good Vibrations store on polk street. For more information check out my What’s New With Lacy page to the right.

On Saturday I will be attending a Fetish Ball. I have never been to anything quite like that and I am sure I will have lots of interesting stories to tell when I get back. As well as photos of the tattoo, the reading and the ball!

Until then all… have a wonderful and fun weekend filled with fun laughter and giggles.

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