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Dec 31
What A Day… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Well I awoke and had two new reviews in my box… one for my short story THE INVITAION and the second for my upcoming book ANIMAL LUST out in March of 2008.

I am going to save the ANIMAL LUST review for a bit later but I had to share my review of THE INVITATION…. I received my very first recommended read!
Here is the review.

Hope your New Years Eve is just as exciting.

The Invitation

The Invitation begins with just that—an invitation. A woman finds an unusual, beautiful erotic toy along with an invitation. She is asked to wear no underthings but wear the toy and meet her lover at dusk on a secluded woodland trail. The woman does, of course, and the adventure that follows is erotic beyond measure. The man dominates her, and she loves it. The submission is part of their lovemaking. With the one-of-a-kind toy created just for her, their game makes her feel very, very special.

There is just so much one can say in a review about this intoxicatingly sexy short story without giving it all away. I very much enjoyed this. It is hot beyond words, the sex steamy and unusual, but there is much more about this to like than just the sex. To begin with, Lacy Danes does an excellent job of writing the story. The buildup is slow and sensual. When the woman arrives at her destination the reader sees their relationship and learns that there is an enormous measure of trust in this couple’s love play. They truly care for each other and that makes this even more highly erotic. The Invitation is brief, but memorable!

Reviewed by: Marlene

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  1. Shelli Stevens
      · January 2nd, 2008 at 2:10 am · Link

    Such great news, Lacy! Congrats!!! You paint the wall yet? Sorry about that. And the toilet *Grin*

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