Lacy Danes

Jan 6
Oh What A Morning.

The day started out quite wonderful, I woke at 6am cuddled in bed for a bit… It is not often that I get to cuddle with my man and I was enjoying simply feeling his heat wrapped about me… when I did then finally roll out of bed and made coffee… I did the morning duties (brushed teeth, showered and such) and when I pulled the chain to flush the toilet, the entire house went black.

I stood still for a few moments then said “ut oh” what the hell did I just do!
I walked out into the hallway where Lars stood staring at the electrical box. Just above the ceiling glowed… there was a FIRE!
Lars glances at me then says… you should get dressed.
I looked down and agreed.
I had not dressed from my shower but I had managed to dry my hair and put my makeup on already, I don’t think I have ever dressed myself so quickly, all while standing in the door way to the hall of the complex with the light shining in so we could see. I pulled a dress on over my head, stockings, and boots… I grabbed my bag of clothes and my passport and kept looking at the ceiling where Lars had now chipped a big piece of the wall down and flames now crept across the painted surface.

The smoke alarm in the flat above went off and Lars grabbed the phone called the fire department and knocked on the upstairs flats door. Then asked me to wait outside for the fire trucks.
So with my carpet bag in hand I went out into the dark morning and stood in the crisp air.

When the fire department arrived… not one truck came, not two… but three fire trucks… this seemed to me a bit of over kill for the small flame that appeared to be flickering in the wall and ceiling between the floors of the flats… But what do I know.

The man hopped out of the first truck and started speaking in Danish to me… I just pointed to the door and then Lars came out. Told them where to go and then we simply stood there… Lars with his cup of coffee and a cigarette and me with my bag and stared as the 20 or so firemen and police filed in to the building. They opened windows and the couple for the flat above finally came out of their place. It didn’t take long for them to put the actual flame out but they needed to investigate…

The main police contact was a woman and she came over and asked questions about the fire, the building and insurances and such. She took down Lars’s name and then asked me for mine in Danish… Lars says… She wants your name. and the woman then switched to English. I spoke too quietly and fast, as I do when I am nervous about things and she had no clue what I said. She instead asked me to write it down for her. She then asked for my nationality and I said US.

After this it was just an endless parade of fire fighters in and out of the complex.
The Police woman kept winking at Lars and the men kept glancing at me as we sat and drank coffee and kissed waiting for them to finish with the cameras and the heat sensors… I imagine the firemen and police women were thinking… what the hell are these people doing? Their flat is on fire and they are kissing on the sidewalk.

It was a strange morning… I got to cuddle in bed, then rushed out of the flat because of a fire to be hit on by Danish men in uniform that crept away when I would say… sorry only English…

So the place now smells like smoke but we are back cuddled up in bed… so I guess even with how strange the day has been… things aren’t so bad. Wink.

So how was your morning?

Hugs and Kisses from Denmark.

2 comments to “Oh What A Morning.”

  1. Shelli Stevens
      · January 6th, 2008 at 12:25 pm · Link

    Sounds like you had a fun and exciting morning! I’m making Swedish Pancakes right now for breakfast 🙂

  2. Eva Gale
      · January 7th, 2008 at 11:39 am · Link

    I don’t think you will ever live down the two of you being so hot you set the flat on fire. *g*

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