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Feb 5
Naughty and Spice… Naughty Questions…

My good friends over at the Naughty and Spice Blog had this list of questions up that each one of them is answering through out this week… I though I would do them too… well the questions that is.


1. Chocolate or Whipped Cream: Chocolate

2. Leather or PVC: Either one… they both have their own sexy wonderful feel and look!

3. Outdoor Sex or Indoor Sex: Out doors … I am such an exhibitionist! Have you read my story The Invitation… Sex in the woods… yumm.

4. In the Jacuzzi or In Bed? humm either one. Sex in the water is harder… washes away the lubes… but there is something very erotic about the water caressing your skin in contrast to your lovers touch.

5. Bad Sex or No Sex: no sex… When you have bad sex all kind of emotions follow and none of them are ever good.

6. Dominate or Be Dominated: Be dominated… is their another kind of sex?

7. Thigh highs or Bodystocking: either one… tough thigh highs I wear daily so a bodystocking might be something special. wink.

8. Fast or Slow: What ever he wants… but both are very nice and do give different sensation.

9. Rough or Gentle: Rough! Though I do love that sleepy groggy in the middle of the night fuck too.

10. Bite or Suck: Bite… and bite hard… it turns me into butter.

11. Role play or Reality: Love to mix the two.

12. Dirty Talking or Dirty Talking To: love, love, love to be talked dirty too…. i have yet to learn the art of talking dirty… everything I say I feel sounds so silly and stupid… can you get lessons in this somewhere??

13. Edible panties or No Panties: No Panties

14. Spanking paddle or Bare-handed: Bare-handed… there is a heat and sting to the hand that no toy has. Then again I have a thing for hands.

15. Landing Strip or Kojak: bare all the way! Kojak that is. wink.

16. Multiple Sessions or One Good Fuck: One good long fuck.

17. Moaning or Screaming: Moaning, Screaming, and Whimpering.

18. Older Men or Young Men: Older. I have always been attracted to older men.

19. Threeway or No Way: Threeway on occasion is nice.

20. Swing or No Swinging: No Swinging…. I don’t share well with others. Though if you are talking about swining from the rafters… I am all for that!!!

2 comments to “Naughty and Spice… Naughty Questions…”

  1. Shelli Stevens
      · February 6th, 2008 at 1:28 pm · Link

    Hee hee. I love the answers! I hear you on the talking dirty. I think I give up. It’s just not fun when they laugh at you! LOL.

  2. Anonymous
      · October 12th, 2008 at 1:52 pm · Link

    lol ty for questions my gf loves dirty questions but i cant keep up with hers lol

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