Lacy Danes

Feb 26
Animal Lust releases

ANIMAL LUST releases today.

RT gives ANIMAL LUST 4 1/2 Stars and says:This fantastic novel keeps the reader engrossed. You’ll turn page after page and not be able to put it down! Each story of the cursed Ursus brothers starts off with a bang, thanks to amazing characters, and readers will feel as if they are in Regency England. Danes is a rising talent.

Coffee Time Romance Review Gives ANIMAL LUST 4 cups and says: Animal Lust is not only, four steamy hot stories, about four well-developed brothers, and the four women who capture their heart, but it is engaging, wonderfully written, great dialogue, and secondary characters that even pull the reader into the midst of the tales. Lacy Danes crafts a read that is explosive. This great read entertains as the characters still linger with the reader long after the story if finished. It comes highly recommended.

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