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Feb 26
Release Day!!!

Today my book ANIMAL LUST releases.
This book has been a journey that all started with a dream. Seriously. I was putting my kids to bed one night and as I lay there I drifted off with them for a short while. After about half an hour sleeping in a twisted contorted position I woke up from a dream, that dream is the first scene I wrote in this book… It is the sniffing scene. From there my Ursus were born.

RT gives ANIMAL LUST 4 1/2 stars. and says: This fantastic novel keeps the reader engrossed. You’ll turn page after page and not be able to put it down! Each story of the cursed Ursus brothers starts off with a bang, thanks to amazing characters, and readers will feel as if they are in Regency England. Danes is a rising talent.

Coffee Time Romance Review Gives ANIMAL LUST 4 cups and says: Animal Lust is not only, four steamy hot stories, about four well-developed brothers, and the four women who capture their heart, but it is engaging, wonderfully written, great dialogue, and secondary characters that even pull the reader into the midst of the tales. Lacy Danes crafts a read that is explosive. This great read entertains as the characters still linger with the reader long after the story if finished. It comes highly recommended.

Oh and what the heck… here is an excerpt: This is from the second story in the book MAC’s Story.

Rasalette’s hair pulled, and the rest of Mac’s fingers snaked into her locks. “With your hands, undo the buttons on my waistcoat.”

She bit her lip and raised her hands to comply. Her hands shook terribly as she tugged each fabric-covered button and slid them through the holes.

He held her head back at a precise angle. She could not look at him nor his chest. Her fingers slid the last button free, and her body shook wanting him and this.

His breath deepened, and the rise and fall of his chest beneath the fabric told of her effect on him. She wanted to lower her hands to see just what kind of endowment he possessed. Her fingers slid lower, trailing the smooth cotton to the cool silk ridge of his waistband.

“No.” He jerked her hair and pressed his body against hers. The cold stone at her back and his massive, hard, warmth at her front pinned her. Unable to move, her heart thumped as a drum she swore she could hear.

His long, thick, prick pressed against her soft stomach. The thickness at the tip tapered to a long equally thick shaft. Gracious! His sex was as solid as her wrist.

He rotated his hips. The pressure… delightful. A gasp elicited from her lips. She bit down on her lips, trying to hold back any further encouragement and moaned through the torment of his teasing.

He chuckled. “Indeed, you want me. Want my phallus sliding in and out of your pleading cunny. Pull my shirt from my waist and touch my chest.”

Her hands shook as she grasped the crisp cotton, and the dampness of her aroused skin clung to the soft fabric as she slid it up. His muscles jumped as the hem pulled from his waistband. His heat… His smell… sweet and earthy, the tang of his arousal wafted about her, invading every pore. My gracious! She trembled with need to touch him.

Her hand slid beneath the crisp fabric. She flexed her fingers, and her nails skidded along a rib, slightly digging into the skin. He shook.

Interesting. He liked that.

His hand reached down between her legs and pushed the fabric of her slip between her thighs. His finger probed her entrance through the fabric, and she slid her thighs apart. Her creamy, slick juices clung to the fabric as he rubbed them into her sex.

Oh! She thirsted for more of his touch. Her hands clutched at his chest, scratching his skin. He sucked in through clenched teeth, then exhaled.

“What are the rules of your game, Your Highness?” His hand stilled and pressed, cupping and holding her sex and mound. He held her there, and the heat of his palm against her sex made her hips press, rubbing trying to get him to move. “Your Highness?”

“My—my game?” Her breath quivered as his fingers flexed. The fabric’s rough texture tugged her swollen skin in a subtle torturous pleasure. Oh! How she wanted his touch deeper, probing all her delicate recesses.

“Yes.” His breath tickled her cheek as the warm wetness of his tongue trailed to her lips. “I only witnessed the fair one for a few moments before your servant yelled count.”

He thought she played a royal game when she positioned for her future. She swallowed the lump lodged into her throat. Quite correct, in a sense, she did play them, and him. “I-I told them whichever man’s tongue could bring me to spend in less than forty licks would be considered as a possible husband to me.”

She felt the curve of his lips into a smile just before they touched hers. Delight slid through her. He tasted of wine and tobacco. Luxurious tremors massaged the walls of her womb.

His tongue traced her lips, and he pulled away. His nose, his intense jade eyes held her. She shivered at the intimacy and desire pounding through him and her. The blacks of his eyes engulfed the brilliant green. Gracious! Had a man’s stare ever affected her so?

“Very well, then. Forty licks, eh? You will spend in five.”

“Five?” Her brows drew together. No one could make her spend in five licks. No one had made her spend with their tongue yet.

“You think my statement a false?” His tone hung hard and challenging. “Two to wet and spread your rosy hued nether-lips.” His tongue traced her bottom lip then the top. Her mouth opened and she sighed.

“One to satisfy my taste for your honey core.” His tongue plunged into her mouth, swirling and dancing to the beat of her heart. Her chest tightened, and prickles of ecstasy peaked her nipples; her body arched into him.

He pulled back a breath’s whisper. “One to swirl and tease your bud.” His tongue swirled the left corner of her mouth as if licking a sweat morsel of food she’d just eaten. Her legs shook and quivered against his thighs.

“And one long, slow, firm, lick from bottom to top. You will spend, Your Highness, hard. And I will drink every bit of the cream you produce.” Every word he stated caressed the flesh of her sex as if he finger frigged her. Her core wept for his caress.

He raised her arms and wrapped her fingers about the iron bracket holding the torch above her head. “Don’t let go, Your Highness.” He dropped to his knees before her.

Her mind spun.

Five licks. Never.
hope you enjoyed!

You can pick up a copy at any of your favorite local or online book stores.

Hugs and Kisses,

PS…. my next book is due in on friday… so I will be MIA for the rest of the week.

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  1. (Ada)lgisa Lato-Esposito
      · February 26th, 2008 at 2:15 pm · Link

    Hi Lacy…CONGRATS on gr8 reviews 4 AL. Just picked up my copy 2day…can’t wait 2 get started. Thanx 4 sharing the excerpt. Ada:)

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