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Mar 12
A Doozy Of A Month.

This past month has been filled with both fantastic things and tons of stress.
I have been dealing with some personal Issues that have occupied a majority of my time…

Finding a Nanny, having it not work, searching for another new Nanny, etc. Along with the day job, writing deadlines and relationship issues… The stress was very high.

Somehow I did manage to get out and have a bit of fun.

Earlier in the month my good friend Lillian Feisty took a trip to Seattle and we went with a few other authors to the local Erotic Arts Festival. Though the night was a bit on the pricy side we had a blast!

Here are a few photos of us… one from Burlesque Dancing night, and the other from dinner just before the festival.

My favorite part of this night was the people watching. ALL kinds of people with all the different sexual orientations were at this event. We saw men in rubber suits, Cross Dressers, Masters with their slaves, Gays and lesbians, Bi men and women. There was erotic art by a few local artist as well as burlesque dancing up on stage.

Though my favorite image of the night and the one that I go back to again and again in my mind was this older couple… both with grey hair and dressed very classy… they walked around the show looking at the erotic images… her hand wrapped about his sleeve.. his fingers on top of her hand. It was sweet and lovely and soooo much what I am looking for when I reach that age. To be with a man that is open about sexuality… but still I am his girl, lover and friend.

The other bit of fun I did this month is a reading at the local Babeland store. Hope I saw some of you readers there… The night was wonderful Susan Lyons and I read last out of the 7 women who read that night. The first round of women who read were Hedgebrook alumni and all of them read poetry of some form. The store was pretty packed and we had lots of lovely toys surrounding us as we all read from our explicit works. I was pretty nervous… I pretty much simply stood there and read from the pages, and I think I turned all red… well I certainly was sweating when I was done. It is very hard to sit and read out loud images from your mind.

All and all though we did have a good time.

Hope you are all well… I am writing like mad at the moment so please be patient with my updates to this blog.

Hugs and Kisses,

One comment to “A Doozy Of A Month.”

  1. Eva Gale
      · March 14th, 2008 at 7:25 pm · Link

    Oh MAN I wish I was able to go to the erotic arts show. That sounds fantastic. Glad you two had a blast!

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