Lacy Danes

Mar 15
Deep thinking…

Life is filled with hard relationship choices…

Some decisions arrive at brilliance. Others lead you to hard lessons that you hope to never repeat.

You love. You give yourself in passion as a lover, a mother, a friend hoping that you are cherished and that in return you will be filled with joy.

This does not always happen.

They say actions speak louder than words… that you can tell by someone’s actions if what they say is true. Action = words=truth. Action

When I run into instances where Action

What does it mean? What is the reason they did not follow through?

Should I assume that the Action is the Truth?

Do words really mean so little when no action follows it? Or different actions follow?

Do I simply sit back and see what happens?

Or do I put my struggles out of their misery, put the words aside, and believe solely the actions?

There are many realities, depending on situation, for Actions not to match words, so…

I think you get it…

At some point you have to make a decision. Make a hard choice. At some point you have to say “Your actions don’t match your words… what is going on here?”


How do you even say such a thing to someone in away that won’t be seen as an attack or you simply complaining?

I guess it depends on how much you value the person, what kind of relationship you have, etc.

In a work relationship… this is easy for me… “You said you would have the work done… you don’t. When will you get it to me?” In a personal relationship… things are never that simple.

I know situations have complications which don’t always allow words to come true… Or change the words to new words that are truer for that persons place and situation. There really is no black and white…

I think that when you feel you are pondering way too much about someones Actions

That the words that did not equal the actions need to change…

From there, maybe you can find a way to make Actions=Words again and find the joy that makes relationships so fulfilling.


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