Lacy Danes

May 20
Life Is Good!

I have had a wonderful past week. Finally feel like I have enough sleep to actually function. Started to dream again… silly I know, but to wake up and have my muse talking to me is such a wonderful thing. I am itching to start on a new writing project but keep telling myself hold on slow down other things need attention here. Things like the list I posted a few weeks back… which I am happy to say quite a few of them I have accomplished.

The good things…
Yesterday I fasted until dinner time. I had one cup of coffee in the AM and drank water all day I ended the night with a sensible dinner of chicken, corn and squash done on the grill. Next week Monday I will fast the entire day. Some Eastern religions do this… they believe fasting once a week gives the digestive system a break and keeps the metabolism high. I won’t do this for very long… maybe every Monday this month then stop.

Cut back my drinking to one drink a day. Woo hoo! I feel much better in doing this less sleepy the next day… more focused!

I bought a new pair of running shoes… yesterday at lunch down town I walked not far but it was about 12 blocks total and that is a start back to exercising.

Cut back my coffee intake to one cup a day… when I was writing I was up to 10 cups a day… TEN… can you believe it. sigh no more.

My house is slowly returning to normal… little by little each day things get picked up and put away.

I am finally reading again. This last weekend I sat on my porch in the sun with a special friend and read 100 pages in Never Lie To A Lady… Man I wish I could write wit like Liz Carlyle. Her books are amazing and filled to the brim with all those wonderful little details like a name brand for a Russian vodka back in the regency. I have been tempted to see if I can find that kind now! Oh and I got tan lines… grin.

I attempted making my very first Vodka gimlet. turned out quite nice….
One sugar cube in a glass,
three quarters of a lime squeezed onto the sugar cube
one vodka glass full of vodka added to that.
Lightly stir to dissolve sugar. Then pour entire concoction over ice and shake. Take remaining quarter of lime and place on rim of Martini glass. Pour and serve… yum.

Beyond that I have watched movies… the French lieutenant’s woman, Blue Velvet, The Mission, Zodiac, the Terminal, and V for Vendetta. All excellent… I had not seen Blue Velvet in some time and was amazed by the D/s current through the movie. Funny how you see things differently, as you get older, and learn more about human behavior.

Just over a week ago I went to see Kate Nash in concert with fellow author Lauren Dane we had a blast. This past saturday night I had drinks with some very special people at a piano bar.

I guess you can say I am ALIVE and have started living life again.


PS. this week my very dear friend and CP Shelli Stevens and I are going to see CORTEO. This is in celebration of her very first NY sale to Kensington and her birthday.

2 comments to “Life Is Good!”

  1. shelli stevens
      · May 20th, 2008 at 8:30 pm · Link

    Hmmm I think I’d rather have battery acid over that Vodka Gimlet thing. Or just give me the lime and sugar 🙂

    I’m so excited for Corteo! And good for you on getting a life! Just when I was about to get one, I sold to NY and got an agent! And I have no regrets 😛 Social life? Bah! That’s what IM’ing is for! (Yes, I know I’m as wrong as any other writer is!)

  2. Lacy Danes
      · May 20th, 2008 at 11:32 pm · Link

    I am so very excited for Corteo!!!

    I laughed when I read your reply… as soon as I have another contract, life will disappear again, so I am living as much as I can now. IM will be my social life too soon. But I too have no regrets for writing is a dream come true.


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