Lacy Danes

Aug 13
Goals to improve my life.

Thoughts invade my mind of late. Good and bad. The chaos and negative thoughts pressed upon me weigh me down. Being a positive person by nature, and a bit of a procrastinator, months of chaos and heavy needs have my soul demanding a change.

I feel stronger than I have in a long time, so I know whatever needs to be done, now is the time. I sat down tonight and came up with this list.

Goals to improve my life. Silly I know. Actions are what actually change things, but this is my start.

Cut back on the amount of coffee and alcohol I drink.
Concentrate on the import things. Friends- family- what makes me true to myself.
Stop living as if the past is so very now and present.
Take chances on love, my writing, and other things in life.
Do not be afraid to make a change to find happiness.
Stop fearing, fear.
Do one thing each day to grow.
Try to learn something from everyone.
Tell people often what they mean to me.
Stand up for my boundaries and what I truly wish in my life, there is nothing wrong in wanting what I wish.

I know there are probably more items I should put down, but I look at that list, and it intimidates me. Scares me. The things listed are not simple things like buying a more efficient car or choosing to cut fat out of my diet.(Though I know cutting fat is hard! I so love my butter.) What is listed above are big emotional changes. Gulp.


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