Lacy Danes

Aug 20
The Summer Is Coming To An End.

I love the Autumn.

I sit and stare out at the rain. Pelts of crisp water hit the window in a sound that sooths and promises to wash away the dirt and dust of the long summer days. Everything the rain washes, smells earthy, fresh, and new. I step out into the rain, tip my head up to the sky, and let the rain wash me clean.


This past week I accomplished the following in my quest for trying to do one thing to grow each day:

Started reading again:
Who Rules Your Life= A book about positive thinking.
When Good People Do Bad Things= A Book about embracing your own as well as others darker side.

I also put boundaries in place around my writing time: This has been moderately successful, though not completely. Anyone who has kids or other love ones wanting their time can understand the complications that arise from asking for alone time to write. I tend to be one of those sorts that feels guilt when I am not pleasing the people in my life. Setting long term expectations on my writing time–I hope– will elevate some of the squabble and pressure to get time. This was a big step for me.

Spent some quality time with both of my kids: Had a mommy–daughter day as well as a separate mommy–son day. This really was not a growth activity. Though it was fun and I did get to eat cotton candy again and play in the fountain… so I guess you could say I set free my inner child. LOL.

On the music front: Today I am listening to one of my favorites, Nina Simone. I am listening to her album, The Essential Nina Simone. It is a wonderful compilation of her work, filled with soulful happy tunes as well as heartfelt sad ones.

This song hit a cord with me today: I hope you enjoy.

Hugs and kisses to all of you!

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