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Sep 24
Back From Portland!

Last weekend I had a signing in Portland OR at the Beaverton Powell’s. It was a blast. I met many fun authors and readers. Alexis Morgan was there, as well as Dina James both in the THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE. I sat next to Dina she was so much fun, she gave out plastic fangs and we talked about reading, writing, books and Powell’s of course. I think she looks a lot like Mary Stewart Masterson.

Another author that I talked to briefly, but had a great time talking with is Meljean brook. She has the same agent as I, Roberta Brown, and writes wonderful paranormal romance.

The night was so much fun. I sold 12 copies of my books, and had one reader bring her own copies of Animal Lust and Sexy Beast III for me to sign. That was a first for me and made me grin. I also had one of the store employees say that my books were very naughty, with an evil grin. Then she compared my work to the classic Victorian smut The Pearl. This made my heart leap, as the pearl is one of my favorites.

I have to say though being ON like that for two hours is exhausting… my guy and I went to dinner afterwards and I was brain dead. the next day was spent doing copy proofs and walking about the wonderful city of Portland.

I had to stop into my favorite lingerie store Janes Vanity. On this trip my guy bought me some wonderful things… this lovely cami set but in a deep emerald green instead of the pink shown.

This pair of thigh highs, but with a bright red top and a Jimmy Jane candle for play. Jimmy Jane also makes a wonderful little steel vibe called the Little Chroma if you have not tried it you should!

The evening was topped off with a wonderful dinner at El Gaucho.

Speaking of lingerie, I have been really into textured stockings this fall… I have found some wonderful ones at Nordstrom’s… I love the red ones( shown right) and wear them with a black short skirt, and tall black boots. So fun!
I also am in love with my over the knee socks(shown left). I know it sounds weird… but don’t they look wonderful for fall with short skirts? They are soft and warm and feel so very yummy. You should check a pair out!

I bought mine from Stockin Girl

I guess that is it for now. Back to writing that proposal for me.


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  1. Ciara
      · September 30th, 2008 at 2:43 pm · Link

    Your video interview is

    It was lovely to meet you. Thanks for the interview. See you in two weeks at ECWC!

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