Lacy Danes

Oct 30
More Music And Inspiration.

I have been writing daily of late and as you know music is my companion while I am in my own dream world.

This past week I found this wonderful band that I can’t get enough of.

Who are they?


Their band has a new album out called The Golden Hour. The lead singer took a journey to the middle east and India and while there put together some jam sessions with the locals that he then recorded. This album uses pieces of what he recorded along with the full band. You can check out his journey here…

I have always wanted to travel and write while I did it, but life and responsibilities get in the way of such a freedom for me. Anyhow, I love this song. Three Legged Dog On The Roam.

They have a myspace page that has a few of the other songs from the album on it as well.
Check them out!


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