Lacy Danes

Nov 24
Change In The Wind

I found out today that my last day working at WaMu will be December 1st. Even though my job has never been something I have lived for, it has supported my passions and my loves over the past four years of living on my own. I am sad to see my coworkers as well as myself with out employment in this hard time.

With the economy the way it is I am a bit freaked out by what the worst-case scenario could be, so I have been trying to keep my eyes, thoughts, and gut on the positives. What are those positives? They were hard to come up with in my current state of mind, but I am going to concentrate on these. More may come to mind once some time has passed and I am settled in on the idea of being unemployed…

1. I have more TIME: for my writing, my kids, my passions, my loved ones, and me.
2. I do not have to pay for parking or commuting to the city three times a week.
3. This life change will allow me to come up with something more meaningful for my existence.(this is a huge task… not sure it will actually happen, but it is a possibility and something I wish to explore.)
4. I can now research alternate ways of living. (If you have suggestions please let me know.)

Those are really it. Ultimately I will need to find new employment, as the bills will continue to come in.

Hugs and Kisses,

One comment to “Change In The Wind”

  1. Anonymous
      · November 25th, 2008 at 8:45 am · Link

    Oh, I’m so sorry. I admire your outlook, though. You’re the second person this week who told me they were getting cut in Dec.

    I don’t have any answers for you. I guess make sure that you enjoy the time you have, and remember to steer.

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