Lacy Danes

Dec 8
Book Club!!

This past week I had the privilege of attending a book club which had read my book Animal Lust

I was nervous. 
I was excited.
I was honored they had asked me. 
It was a fun night. A girls night. We 
drank wine, we talked about my 
writing and about sexual history.  They all asked me questions that they placed in a bowl without names and I pulled each one out and answered them. 
Some of the questions they asked me were:
How many novels have you written? Do I plan to have a theme carry through an entire series of books. aka a sequel?
What made you decide to write erotic romances as opposed to other genres?
How much you draw upon personal experience?
How do you come up with so many euphemisms, names for the naughty bits?
How much control did you get during the marketing of the book? ie the cover?
Do you tell stories in your book from personal experiences you had or relatable things?
I answered these and many more. 
Over all it was a fantastic time and I would do it again in a heart beat.  Here all us gals are after a night of wine, and talk.  
Man I look tired!
Hope you all are well this holiday season and that the good times and laughter out weigh the stress.
Hugs and Kisses, 

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