Lacy Danes

Dec 19
Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow!

The holidays are here and so is the snow!
With the snow has come a shift in my mood. I feel lighter, more confident, and joyful.
I sat and stared out my window and watched the snowfall, covering the dying grass and the barren trees with pure crystals. The world turned fresh, crisp, magical, and new.

I bundled up and went for a walk in the midday sun… I inhaled the cool air. Snow. Snow everywhere. My feet made tracks, pure and translucent in the diamond-covered trail, nothing hidden, and nothing to hide. I giggled. Lightness making me float in a pleasant place that has eluded me of late.

I grasped a handful of the cool snow; the wetness seeped through my gloves and to my hands. Snow! I had forgotten the feel on my skin, and joy in making of the first snowball of the year. I cupped the snow, pressing it into a perfect round globe. I tossed it into the air and watched it as it crumbled against the tree it hit. My heart beat faster and I continued along, taking in the smiles on others I passed. Then it happened… I came to a place that no one had touched. A perfect place of crisp flat snow. I looked around feeling a bit silly… but my soul would not let me pass it by.

I lay down in the snow and stared up at the sky. Blue and white blew by before my eyes. I smiled as the cold of the earth seeped through my pants. I began to wiggle and giggle. My legs and arms moved and there in the snow, my angel was born. I got up and stared down. A smile bigger than one I can remember curved my lips and giddiness rushed my veins… silliness indeed. Child-full joy captured me.
I ran and I skipped through the snow all the way back home.
I peeled out of my damp clothes and made hot chocolate, with Irish cream to warm me.
Now sit before my fireplace. That same peaceful joy pulsing though me, and that child like grin has yet to leave my face.

Snow! Snow! Snow!


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