Lacy Danes

Jan 21
New Hair

Yesterday I went in to a new salon to have my hair done. I was a bit nervous. I have had horrific color jobs before and choppy uneven cuts. If you have had a really bad hair cut/color job in the past you know what I mean. Just that simple thing can put a damper your day, week, or months.

This time I researched the salon and the stylist on line before even making an appointment.

My old stylist moved to Australia late last year and even though I would have loved to have jumped on a plane and checked out a new country I just could not afford something like that for a simple hair cut and color.

I have to say though that I am pretty pleased. Erin at Salon 7 in Bellevue sat with me and talked about my hair texture, my color, my skin tone, and the shape of my face. We talked about going deep dark brown or staying in the red range. She told me the pros and cons of both of these. I decided to stay in the red range and just go a darker shade of red.

She did an excellent job. One of my favorite things is having my hair played with… so going to salon is a wonderful experience when the stylist is good. When she washed the color out of my hair she massaged my scalp and neck. It was one of the most amazing sensations. I floated in a relaxed state for most of the day because of it. I think I should spend some money once and awhile and get a massage. That floaty feeling is simply amazing. Besides that I was able to read more of the research book “Wiccan Mysteries” while waiting for my color to process. So now I am jived up to dive into writing the next scene in my current WIP!

Kisses to you all!

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