Lacy Danes

Mar 31
Two New Reviews!

Being Wicked has received some fantastic reviews in the last two days!

Fallen Angel Reviews~ Gives Being wicked 5 angels and a Recommended Read!!!

Being Wicked was wickedly entertaining. I loved the two stories, and they overlapped at the best moments. All of the characters were very intense, passionate, and relatable… something very key for me, when reading a romance of any genre. Ms. Danes is an awesome example for erotica writers everywhere… even though she is relatively new, she is already making a name for herself. I believe it is because she always has a plot that captivates, strong chemistry between her characters, and love scenes that burn up the pages, among other things. I have read all Ms. Danes’ novels to date and have found them all extremely entertaining. I look forward to reading her next masterpiece.

Full Review here:

Eye On Romance Gives Being Wicked an 8 out of 10.
Full Review here:

Such wonderful Reviews… I am all floaty!


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