Lacy Danes

Apr 3
Happy Friday And A Pimp.

Happy Friday evening everyone! Today started out cold and snowy here in Seattle, but by the end of the day it was sunny and warming. My kids have been on spring break all this week, and because of the icky weather I decided to take them and get out of the house. We are on a short trip, a stay in a hotel for a night, go to dinner out, and then go for a hike tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we may also hook up with my friend Shelli Stevens and her daughter.

On that note… Shelli has a new short story out that is so HOT you have to read it! Heres the deal.

When there’s a tiger—and a lion—on your tail, there’s no escape…


Delilah is strong, independent—and a princess on the run. Her father, King of the Falcon kingdom, wants to unite her with Pierce, Prince of the Tiger kingdom, and Jason, Prince of the Lions. Never can she imagine giving herself to one man if there is no love—let alone two! So she flees her home in hopes of avoiding the union.

Delilah may be dead-set against the plan, but Jason and Pierce have no doubts. She is the one they want to complete their triad, to be their mate. She alone has the power to form the bond that will, in turn, join all their kingdoms in peace.

They’re prepared to use every means of pleasure to convince her they are all destined to be together. But first they have to catch her…

Product Warnings: This book is hot! Hot! Hot! Threesomes, m/m, and capture fantasies, oh my!

Available to purchase here.

Go get it! You won’t be disappointed!

Hugs and Kisses to you,

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