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Jun 19
Cooper The Puppy!!!

Puppy ownership has been filled with laughter and love during this past month here are some of coopers funny moments…

My daughter picks him up and puts him in a box, places another box in front of his and sits in it herself… she says “Look mom we are on a train.” Cooper stayed in the box happily chugging along until she took him out.

A fly few into the house from the porch. Cooper jumped up from his sleeping spot on the couch, tilted his head to the side, barked at it like it was the intruder it was, and chased it back outside.

Cooper starts barking at something in my bedroom….I go to investigate… he has found my vibe and some how turned it on. He is standing above it barking.

I have now started growling at my kids when they do something wrong.?.? puppy training taken in reverse.

Cooper loves my neighbor and when ever possible will sneak in their door to get his head scratched. Luckily my neighbor adores him too.

Cooper barks at one of my neighbors no matter what he is doing or how far away he is… Does Cooper know something I don’t about this man?

Cooper loves to hop into the bath when I am taking one. He also adores the blow dryer.

Copper has a fondness for picking up anything of my daughters and carrying it around with him when she is not here…. We have only had one casualty… poor ooh ooh… he lost an eye.

Cooper hates to go out in the rain to pee… he has resorted to going outside standing under the covered area and peeing on the side of the walk way. When I go out further into the rain and call him, he looks at me like I am nuts, turns around and runs back inside.

Anyway… I am sure there will be more puppy adventures to come!


One comment to “Cooper The Puppy!!!”

  1. Anonymous
      · June 19th, 2009 at 6:18 pm · Link

    puppies can be loads of fun, so long as you give them love and discipline… hmmm… great recipe for having a sub too… LOL…

    Hope things are well.

    Big Bad Wolf!

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