Lacy Danes

Nov 5
Any Day Now…

(I stole this idea from my dear friend Lilli Feisty. I am sure she won’t mind…Here is my Any Day Now…)

Any Day Now…

I will change the patterns that seem to circle in my life for the better.
I will learn the lessons I am meant to learn.
I will take the dog for a walk longer than around the block.
My kids laughter will fill every room.
I will be 36… again.
I will stare up at the moon and feel powerful.
I will go to yoga or belly dance.
I will feel the beat of horse hooves pound under me as I gallop through a field.
My kids will put their toys away.
My stairs project will be complete.
I will have lunch with my girlfriends.
I will love a partner without protective boundaries.
I will take a trip to Portland and have hot coco with a dear friend.
I will start saving for a trip to London. (I have never been)
I’ll stop procrastinating and make my dreams happen.
I’ll finish the story I have been writing.
I will laugh so hard I pee.
I will learn to organize.
My promised trip to see my parents will be real.
I will tickle someone until tears rundown their face from laughter.
I’ll spontaneously go… somewhere…anywhere.
My worry that I am not good enough will go away.
I’ll lose 5 lbs.
My debt will be paid off.
My daughter will eat fish.
My son will ride his bike without training wheels.
My gut and heart will tell me what to do instead of my head.
I will write my best work.
Trust will be second nature for me again.
I will stop fearing a leap of faith.
I will simply be me.

Hugs and Kisses,

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