Lacy Danes

Jan 5
Happy New Year and The Famous Lacy Danes Martini!

This year is full of promise and adventure. To celebrate this wonderful occasion of things starting a new, I thought I would share my famous Martini recipe with you.

Lacy Danes Martini

1 cap full of dry vermouth
3 1/2 fl oz of Vodka (My favorites:Vox, Skyy, or KetelOne)
4 martini olives (Olives make this drink so don’t skimp on the kind! My favorites: Mezzetta olives marinated in VermouthOr Sable and Rosenfeld Tipsy Olives In Vermouth
One splash of olive juice from the jar.

In a Martini glass pour a splash of the olive juice from the jar.(You can vary this on how dirty you like your martini. I like a small splash.)
Fill a shaker with ice.
Pour one full cap of dry vermouth in to the shaker(I use the cap from the vermouth bottle)
Pour 3 1/2 oz of vodka in to the shaker.
Place lid on shaker and shake vigorously. ( I have been known to jump up and down while shaking my martini. Grin.)
Place four olives on a pick and set in your martini glass.
Pour shaken martini over olives in glass.

Serve and Enjoy!

Happy Holidays and Cheers To a Wonderful New Year!

2 comments to “Happy New Year and The Famous Lacy Danes Martini!”

  1. Jeff Lowery
      · January 6th, 2010 at 1:19 am · Link

    You are a connoisseur, Madam.

  2. Big Bad Wolf
      · January 15th, 2010 at 5:39 pm · Link

    Try Chopin vodka… it is absolutely outstanding, when making a martini, a splash of Magellan or Citadelle Gin into the mix and you’ll be amazed. Magellan and Citadelle are amazingly smooth so they make a fine Gin Martini on their own but I like to add them to my Chopin Vodka Martini for an added flavor.

    Let me know what you think.

    BIG BAD Wolf

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