Lacy Danes

Feb 2
Sex Word Etymology: Pot (Honeypot, Jampot) 17th Century

Sex Word Etymology for the word Pot = Female genitalia, cunt, or pussy.

Pot, used as slang, is a word that originates from the 17th Century in Britian. Based on the idea of a container, it was used for the female genitals. In later years Jampot (19th Century), and Honeypot (18th century) were also used.

Historic example: In love I am not so simple, But to observe she has a Dimple. And such a one, as who would not Put all his Flesh into the Pot?~ Charles Cotton , Burlesque upon Burlesque 1675.

Example from my books:
Animal Lust~Martin: Pg 6

” ‘Twas a lovely, Jane. Ye have a sweet little honeypot. Take care of it and we’ll come out here again sometime.” He turned and headed off into the woods.

By God. What had she done?


Interesting eh? If you have other examples of the word Pot, Honeypot, or Jampot used historically or in current fiction please comment below with the line, author, and year/era and I will add them to my definitions.

This is the first of a once a month series on Sex Word Etymology that will occur on the 2nd of every month.


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