Lacy Danes

Apr 9
Up Coming Events

When: Saturday April 17th 9am-2pm
What: Rose City Romance Writers Readers Luncheon
Where: Join Us at The Governor Hotel, Portland OR, for great food, many romance authors, and baskets galore.

Join me and several other fantastic romance authors at this fabulous event!

Authors Attending:
* Cathy Lamb
* Christina Crooks
* Christine Young
* Delilah Marvelle
* Louisa Kelley
* Delle Jacobs
* Elisabeth Naughton
* Erica Ridley
* Genene Valleau
* Gina Robinson
* Jean Johnson
* Jenna Bayley-Burke
* Lacy Danes
* Linda Wisdom
* Lucy Monroe
* Margaret Mallory
* Marianne Stillings
* Meljean Brook
* Pati Jager
* Suzanne McPherson
* Terry McLaughlin
* Theresa Meyers
* Wendy Warren
* P J Alderman
* Lisa Hendrix

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