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May 2
Sex Word Etymology: Peg, Pego: 18th Century:

Sex Word Etymology for the word Pego = Male Genital: Penis.

Peg, used as slang, is a word that originates from the 18th Century in Britain. This word is thought to originate from the Greek meaning fountain.

Historic example: “…I kept my pego quite up her for a time before I thrust…” Anonymous~ My Secret Life. 1890.

If you like historical erotica, you should read My Secret Life. The book is an amazing glimpse into the male mind of the era.

I tend to like to use this word a bit in my writing. I use both the Peg and Pego versions.

Example from my books:
A Red Hot Valentines Day: Torn Desires~ Pg:12
“Ma’am.” His voice came out deep, aroused, annoyed. “Please do keep your mutt out of the road or a carriage shall run him up.”

She continued to stare at his breeches, then slowly looked up at him.

Beautiful. Wild curls sprang in rings about her round doll face. Eyes, deep as the fresh grass she stood upon. Tingles raced up his neck in anticipation of–

“Pardon, sir.” Her face grew incredibility red as she stared him straight in the eyes. “Your umm…button’s undone.”

Alistair glanced down to see the tip of his stiff peg poking through the side of his flap.

He scowled, and with the side of his hand pushed his peg back into his pants. What did it matter really?


Interesting eh? If you have other examples of the word Spend used historically or in current fiction please comment below with the line, author, and year/era and I will add them to my definitions.

This is the fourth of a once a month series on Sex Word Etymology that will occur on the 2nd of every month.


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