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Jun 2
Sex Word Etymology: Cunny: 17th Century:

Sorry this is a bit late today I have had one of those….days.

Sex Word Etymology for the word Cunny = Female Genital.

Cunny, used as slang, is a word that originates from the 17th Century in Britain. This word is thought to originate from the Cony, meaning rabbit, though it also could have been influenced by the Latin word cunnus meaning “vulva”.

There are other variations Cunny Burrow, Cunny Catcher(which was used for the penis),Cunny Skin (Used for pubic hair), and Cunny-warren (which was used for a brothel in the 18th Century)

Historic example: “All my delight is a cunny in the night, When she turns up her silver hair.” Thomas D’Urfey~ Wit and Mirth. 1719.

This is another of my favorites to use in my writing. I would almost bet you could find it in each of my historicals.

Example from my books:
What She Craves: Checkmate~ Pg:165
She arched her hips to him. The molten pull of her cunny clasped his hardness, milking the essence from him. He bucked into her, encasing himself again and again, desperate for her to join him when he came.


Interesting eh? If you have other examples of the word Spend used historically or in current fiction please comment below with the line, author, and year/era and I will add them to my definitions.

This is the fifth of a once a month series on Sex Word Etymology that will occur on the 2nd of every month.


2 comments to “Sex Word Etymology: Cunny: 17th Century:”

  1. Anonymous
      · October 8th, 2011 at 9:44 am · Link

    Lovely word “cunny”. Wish it was used more. Much more accurate than “pussy”.

  2. J.Lacey
      · April 14th, 2015 at 3:20 pm · Link

    ‘She’d better wash,’ Anne suddenly decided. ‘Under hers arms and her cunny at least.’

    (Ref. Phillipa Gregory – The other Boleyn girl. p56)

    Concerning Anne Boleyns fourteen year old sister Mistress Mary Carey who’s company has been requested by King Henry VIII to drink wine with the pretty girl he desires.

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