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Sep 1
Decent Exposure!

I usually post a sex word today, but yesterday I had a release!

Yesterday my second SPICE Brief DECENT EXPOSURE released from Harlequin ebooks. This story is naughty in a very good way. It explores the exhibitionist side of sexuality along with a healthy dose of dominance and submission.

Here is the blurb.
For years Stella struggled to find out exactly who she is and what she craves. Now she knows what she wants—to add some serious spice to her sex life. After lots of sizzling instant message chats and naughty web cam sessions, she is finally meeting her online lover in person. With his help, Stella’s ready to fulfill her fantasies, test her limits and try anything—for all the world to see….

And a little peek at the beginning.


“Did you bring lube?”

I press my cell phone to my ear and hold it in place with
my shoulder. “Yes, sir.”

My heart pounds and I glance around the empty parking lot
washed in a pale yellow glow by the bright lights overhead. I
can’t believe I am doing this. Anyone can see me. I bite my
lower lip. People are at home in their apartments and flats;
their lives lit up like a moving painting before my eyes. Here I
sit in my car and take sexual orders from you. I barely know
you! Yet, somehow I trust you.

“Squeeze some of the lube onto your fingers and slide them
into your pussy, then finger fuck yourself. I want to hear you
moaning into the phone until I get there. Even better, I want to
hear how wet you are.”

Oh God. I squirm at your words and the walls of my pussy
swell with pressure. I will finally meet you this night. All of
our instant messenger chats about our desires, about limits, and
about how if things work well we will integrate normal life and
kink, have me panting at one simple request.

“How long until you arrive?” I slide my legs apart on the
seat, and the scent of my sex juices quickens my heart-beat. I
am dripping wet for you… no need for the lube, but as instructed
I squeeze a small drizzle onto my fingertips.

“Fifteen minutes tops.”

I arrived early tonight. I inhale, fill my lungs, and sigh.
“So long? I am dripping wet.” I fidget slightly and then slide
my fingers into the lips of my sex, spreading the hole wide. A
jolt of desire clenches my ass muscles and the hairs on my arms

“Ah, good girl, such a love hitch of breath. I will be
there shortly, my sweet, and then all the real fun shall begin.”

The image of you sitting in front of your computer on web
cam flashes before me. I push my fingers deep into my lava
warmth and clench my muscles about them. Your bright shining
blue eyes, glinting with laughter as your masculine, chiseled
face curves into a smile. I masturbate for you on cam with my
panties stuffed in my mouth, smelling the earthy scent of my
arousal and tasting the tart flavor of me mingled with soap on
the fabric. You are so very handsome, and oh that smile! A smile
I would get on my knees and beg to see.

Your attitude and the way you dominate me with your words
and eyes—a shiver of anticipation rushes my spine and my thighs
quiver– The things you had me do online as you watched over the
net, had become fodder for my masturbation at night. What would
real time play be like?

You are on your way to me. This night we will play real
time and publically. This night your hands will trail my skin.

“Stella, are you there?”
Hope you enjoyed!

You can purchase DECENT EXPOSURE at or Amazon for the Kindle.


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