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Writing update…

So I thought I would give an update on my writing.

I am working on finishing the first novella of a four brothers anthology. Before I took my break I had completed about 20K of this book. When I reread it recently I loved the story and hated my heroine. So I have been rewriting and adding more pages. I will have this first novella complete and off to my CPs by the end of 2011. YAY!

I also have started researching a new time period. I grew up watching westerns with my Dad. They were pretty much on all the time. I always loved them.

A few months ago Mr. Danes and I watched all three seasons of Deadwood. We LOVED it and we are looking forward to the premiere of Hell On Wheels tonight. Mr. Danes suggested maybe to jump start my excitement I should look at writing a western.

I loved the idea, so this weekend Mr. Danes and I took a trip to the Mecca of books Powells. I came away with:

Soiled Doves by Anne Seagraves
Tough Towns by Robert Barr Smith
Seeking Pleasure in the Old West by David Dary
Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters by Bill O’Neal

I have been reading ever since we came home. Every time I have taken a break from my chores, I sit down and read. I’m fascinated by the time. I feel a new and different story energy brewing and it feels amazing.

So, as i finish up my current novella, I will continue to read, take notes, and brainstorm about my new characters. yummm!


The Fantastic TJ Michaels and Free Stuff!!

Squeeee really is a word!
Totally excited to bring you FREE STUFF! Carinian’s Seeker, Vampire Council of Ethics Book 1, published by Samhain Publishing, is FREE from November 1, 2011 to November 14, 2011. This book was nominated for a CAPA award for Best Paranormal Romance of the Year by The Romance Studio and is one of my favorites. It’s a bit of a different take on sexy vampires in that none of these guys are dead. But they are gorgeous, deadly and on a mission. Get it free from Amazon or Barnes and Noble for your Nook or Kindle.



In addition, we’re also celebrating the release of Egyptian Voyage, a paranormal tale with exquisitely evil bad guys, kick ass heroines and even more kick-ass heroes, all on a race of life and death across the Mediterranean. Use this code: AQ73D and get 35% off on this full-length book over at Smashwords. You can get it at Amazon and BN, too…but Smashwords has it on sale ;D

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Happy reading!

Getting Back To Writing

I took almost a year off from serious writing.

Last October I hit a personal wall. I had lived through a totally crap year and was struggling in all aspects of my life. I was overwhelmed; recovering from sexual harassment which did a number on my self esteem, lost a great job because of it (my boss was the culprit), and, I had been when this hit me, nursing an emotional/sexual trust wound that had not yet healed. To say, I needed time away from everything that was even remotely related is an understatement. So, I did the severe and severed. I asked my then boyfriend(now husband) if we could take a month or so completely off. I stopped writing. I focused on nothing but healing myself and being with my kids.

The thing that helped me through all of this was journaling. I wrote, and wrote. I wrote all of my journal entries as if I wrote to my now husband. I shared these with him when we started to talk again and he was blown away with what I had done to heal myself and how much I was connected to him in this journey. He had also explored his soul, and desires, while we were apart, and had discovered he too, no matter what, needed me in his life, as his life partner and soul mate.

We married this past June.

I am now at a point where life is really F*ing fantastic and I want to start writing again. I really need too. I have all these story ideas that swirl into my mind but I am afraid. It is strange to say that because really, with my journaling, I have never really stopped. What scares me is when I write a romance story, or a sexual story, or any fiction, the story consumes me. When I am at work, at home, with the kids, story bits come flying into my head and I need to write them down, and get them out. I think I am afraid that if I start back my life will change again. I fear that life will go backward. That the circles I have fought so hard to rid my life of will start again.

I open my WIP every day. I tweak a sentence. I write a new one. Or two. Or even an entire page.

But then… I stop.

I think about my kids, I think about my husband and I wonder, can I do it all again?

Can I be a the good mother I know I am (the kind my kids deserve), be the good wife and lover my husband deserves (especially after all my husband and I have been through to get here), work a high tech full time job, and write the stories that swirl in my head?

So I have decided to write of my struggles for awhile, to share with you all my triumphs with getting my next story out of my head and down on paper.


Games… Games… Games…

I am in search of fun games for 2 or 4.

I grew up playing Rummy with my parents and watching them play Penny Poker with their friends. I have never tried Poker. Though I was recently introduced to Hearts, which I quickly loved.

I picked up a Cribbage board this week with the kids. I have not read the instructions yet, but was told by the cashier it was her favorite game and no one she knew, knew how to play it!

So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

What are your favorite 2 or 4 player games?



Photos From Our ICEBALL Celebration.

My husband and I express how much we love each other by saying “ICEBALL”. This came about by me saying to him “I love you to pluto and back. Wait. Pluto is no longer a planet, what is it?”

Mr. Danes…”Its an ICEBALL.” So now we just say “ICEBALL”. Grin.

We were married on June 11th 2011. The day was amazing. The sun peaked out and the guest say that as we came together before the Officiant that a pair of humming birds danced above our heads.


Mr. Danes and I.

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