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Aug 2
Photos From Our ICEBALL Celebration.

My husband and I express how much we love each other by saying “ICEBALL”. This came about by me saying to him “I love you to pluto and back. Wait. Pluto is no longer a planet, what is it?”

Mr. … Read more »

Sep 1
Decent Exposure!

I usually post a sex word today, but yesterday I had a release!

Yesterday my second SPICE Brief DECENT EXPOSURE released from Harlequin ebooks. This story is naughty in a very good way. It explores the exhibitionist side of sexuality … Read more »

Dec 29
Sweet and Dirty! Just How I Like My Drinks And My Reads…

Today is release day for the very talented Christina Crooks. I have not read this book yet, but was told by someone who has that Cristina writes BDSM so hot, yet sweet, it will make you blush.

I personally have … Read more »

Dec 26
A Little Free Holiday Cheer!

This year I decided to write a story for a free online only anthology called 12th Night.

What is 12th Night? Well a few erotic authors came up with the idea of doing some wicked free shorts for readers to … Read more »

Jun 2
Blogging At The Aphrodisia Authors Today!

Please stop by!

Lacy.… Read more »

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