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Aug 31
Games… Games… Games…

I am in search of fun games for 2 or 4.

I grew up playing Rummy with my parents and watching them play Penny Poker with their friends. I have never tried Poker. Though I was recently introduced to Hearts, … Read more »

Apr 6
65 days until my wedding!

There are 65 days left until my wedding.

I have had trouble finding the second dress of my dreams, but I know I will find it.

The catering will be done by Gourmet Productions a fantastic menu.

Skewered Chicken Thighs … Read more »

Feb 6
Life As A Single Mom

I was talking to my Mom on the phone this last week…

I said “Mom, I moved, I turned in my novella, and I deployed my project at work shouldn’t I get a break now…shouldn’t things slow down now… but … Read more »