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Sep 4
The Spiced Tea Party!

I am over at the spiced Tea party today giving away a copy of both my books!
Come stop by!

Hugs and kisses.
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Aug 31
What a fabulous weekend.

This weekend was wonderful… On Friday I got news from my agent that I sold a short-short erotic BDSM called THE WOODS to Harlequin for their SPICE Briefs line. Nothing like starting out your weekend with that kind of news. … Read more »

Aug 10
Facing Insecurities

I have been thinking a lot about me lately… about one aspect of myself that I simply wish to rid myself of, so that I am a stronger person. I know we all have insecurities of one form or another. … Read more »

Aug 2
Over At The Aphrodisia Authors Blog Today!

Hi all,
Posted an excerpt from Kiss of the Dragon my novella in Sexy Beast III over on the Aphrodisa Authors Blog.

Stop by and let me know your thoughts…

Hugs and Kisses,
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