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Aug 2
Photos From Our ICEBALL Celebration.

My husband and I express how much we love each other by saying “ICEBALL”. This came about by me saying to him “I love you to pluto and back. Wait. Pluto is no longer a planet, what is it?”

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Jun 6
In Celebration Of Our Upcoming Marriageā€¦

From now through Friday June 10th I will be giving away books and music CD’s. How will it work? At 8pm PST each night I will pull a name from my comments list below to win a book of your … Read more »

Apr 6
65 days until my wedding!

There are 65 days left until my wedding.

I have had trouble finding the second dress of my dreams, but I know I will find it.

The catering will be done by Gourmet Productions a fantastic menu.

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